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Drunk, me?
At 10 am on a Thursday morning? Anita was also guilty of the crime. The last time I was drunk at 10 am was when I went slightly loopy and went on a sabbatical weekend to I don't even remember where. But more about that another day. No, we didn't go out last night and get home at 10 am this morning, nor did we wake up at 6 am and go straight to an 'after-hours'. (I do have friends who do that).  We went on a cocktail course! So arrive we do, looking fantaboulous (as always), to a bar full of men. We were the only females. Anita had already been last week to check out the course, run by, but only caught the last bit of the class when they got to practice what was preached in the first half, making the cocktails! Diego, who runs the course, invited her back this week so she took me along to see what it was all about. As we were supposed to just go and observe, we sat at the back of the class. Held at Bamboo, the ultra trendy restaurant in the mercado de colón, it is the perfect environment for the course. Not many people had turned up today as they were going to have an oral exam about cocktail recipes and obviously hadn't done their homework. By 9.45, bob* was mixing gin and coffee liquor shots and setting them alight. And then passing them around for us to taste. Suddenly Anita was behind the bar tossing blazing alcohol from cocktail shaker to lid and back again, then throwing it in the air, into the shot glass and all over the bar! She later admitted she was shaking like a leaf the whole time, and just when I thought I'd got away with not going up there,it was my turn. I have to admit that we were better than the others. But then we would be. Alcohol is our favourite hobby. Break time! Off we pop for breakfast feeling slightly giddy and light headed. After a chocolate croissant and a coffee we head back into class for the most important part of the course, when the alumni officially present their own cocktails they've worked on over the 6 weeks, based on the techniques they've learnt so far. One particular hottie (Anita assures me he wasn't there last week) made a delicious concoction with vodka, coconut milk, icecream and crushed ice and called it a Cocoon, another mixed gin and blue curaçao to make a refreshing long drink, and nearly all of them made us want to lounge by a pool on a tropical island.

If you think you may be interested in one of drinksmotion's courses, the next one starts on the 12th of April, and there is one class every Thursday for 6 weeks, morning or afternoon, in Bamboo in the Mercado de Colon. They have been holding these courses all over the world for quite some time now, and we can vouch for Diego as a brilliant teacher - funny, interesting and well extremely well-informed on everything to do with drinks-making. You come away at the end of it all with an internationally-recognised diploma - that is, as long as you pass your exams and study hard!

The classes are maximum 15 people, with one teacher. They are a mix of practice and theory and you get to try every cocktail and shot that you make in the class, and not only do they teach how to mix drinks but also bar-etiquette, customer care, the effects of alcohol on the brain and body and much more. As we said, the next one starting in April so sign up now.

Diego Stands by one of
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