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1. BLACK NOTE • Polo y Peyrolón, 15 Tel: 96 393 36 63
Black note is a top choice night out for music lovers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. European, African and American bands who tour the world often stop by to groove at Black note : Jazz, blues, R’n’B, Soul, Funk, Flamenco, Indie, Cabaret and Rock. This is a friendly place with a crowd ranging from twenty-somethings to jazz cats.
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2. JIMMY GLASS JAZZ BAR • Baja,28. Carmen
About two minutes walk from calle Caballeros. This darkly lit bar plays the finest jazz with cool photos on display, a pool table and a wide range of coffees and spirits. It has fortnightly live music and it is a very relaxing place to unwind and -relate. The owner is a real Jazz lover and it shows. Live music nights at 9.30 for 3 euros with boccadillos available.

3. JUANITA CLUB c/Lepanto, 8 todos los miércoles 23.30h :entrada libre more fire sound & invitados. todos los jueves23.30h : entrada libre
Live reggae music, DJs, jam sessions, smoky atmosphere - 2 minutes walk from Torres de Quart

4. MATISSE • Avda. Campoamor,60. Open daily 19 until 2h.
Rock, pop, blues, soul, café-theatre and a disco at weekends. The only club to play the Clash with Marlene Dietrich

5. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE Turia,62. Wed-Sat, from 20 h.
Specialising in flamenco music and culture. Ethnic music concerts on Weds and live flamenco on Thurs. Intimate atmosphere.
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6. LOCOCLUB • Erudito Orellena, 12 (zona Juan LLorens)• Tel: 96 3260526
miercoles y jueves -23.30 •viernes y sabado-24.30
Classy venue with top notch flamenco,blues and jazz nights. New and already a popular choice for live music lovers with a few euros to spend. Quality tapas and wine make it a full night out to savour.
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7. EL ASESINO • Pl. del Cedro,1. (End of Blasco Ibanez on S. side) • From19 hrs.
Normally play rock ‘n’ roll, but with occasional soul, blues and Caribbean. Music is followed by a ‘literary jam’ such as a bit of theatre or a book presentation. Concerts usually on Sundays. Look out for the huge Jimi Hendrix Mural outside. Faaar out, maaaan.

8. CORMORÁN • San Vicente 200.
The Divine comedy, Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller, Supergrass and countless others passed through the door's of Roxy Club, one of Valencia’s best live music venues for pop and rock. Now Sala Cormorán, this nightclub popular with a young crowd has recently been housing lots more live events. Will they live up to Roxy's legacy? We'll just have to wait and see!
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9. WAH-WAH • Campoamor,52 • Tel: 96 356 39 42
A rocking and grooving live music club in a student friendly zone. Mostly local and national bands loving it live, week in and week out. International groups like The Frank and Walters and The Sugarman Three play in spacious surroundings with a relaxed, open and bohemian crowd. Just a couple of minutes walk from Blasco Ibañez this is a treat for music lovers with an ear for the alternative, underground and up and-coming bands of now.

Mamma Mía

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