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Not everyday is it that you hear a Valencian indie-pop boy band on Dermot O'Leary's Radio 2 show. That was a big enough moment in the thisisvalencia offices, fans as we are of both Dermot and Valencia (also - any excuse for a fag break), but finding out that they were playing a gig in the epic Wah Wah in the Plaza del Cedro a couple of weeks later got us very excited indeed. We are a very excitable bunch, its true, but 5-piece Polock are well-worth getting excited about. These floppy-haired, dreamy-eyed boys are Valencian born and bred, and their music has an infectious, poppy, indie feel similar to that of The Kooks, The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club.

Their home-grown sound was actually made into an album in a recording studio in Berlin, and maybe the fact that they sing in English has helped their first album, Getting Down From the Trees, reach international fame, as they start their first US tour this year. They were also in London, as we heard from Dermot, two weeks ago, Brighton last week and Valencia this week.  So we felt that we just HAD to go and see them.

No strangers to the Spanish stage - think Primavera Sound, MTV Winter - they claimed they had "come home", as they started their set at Wah Wah on Friday 3rd June. The place was hustling and bustling, as always, with excited fans, friends and family waiting for the boys to start and in true Valencian style, instead of playing at 11.30pm when they were supposed to, they started at 12.15pm... You've gotta love them!

Playing to an audience already warmed up by fellow Valencians, Castlevanians, Polock played the whole tracklist from their album 'Getting Down From the Trees' and die-hard fans from the front to the back were belting out the lyrics at the top of their lungs. They left the stage at the end of their set, leaving the crowd anxious as they hadn't played their most famous song and single, Fireworks. But on they came again for the encore and had us all jigging on the dance floor.

PolockatWahWah04Papu is the main singer and song composer, Alberto plays the keyboard, Sebas plays the bass guitar, Marcs on the drums and Paul on the guitar. Dermot was excited to meet a man named after a fish when he asked after 'sea bass' on his show, but we're not quite sure that they got it at the time. These boys are well loved in China, have various tour dates across the staates, and sing beautifully written English with endearing Valenciano accents. They looked ever so at home on the stage in Wah Wah, which is not very far off the floor - you feel as if you're just hanging with the band whilst they sing right at you. The boys seem ever so at ease with life. Hanging around for hours after the concert chatting to fans and having their pictures taken.

All in all, a great gig, lovely faces and brilliant music. We wish them all the luck in the future. Visca Valencia

Polock are on record company Mushroom Pillow which also manages La Habitacion Roja, another famous Valencian boy band.

Follow them on myspace, facebook or their picture filled funny blog.

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