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And the madness begins! YES! We got here very very late last night, left our stuff in our apartment (brand new - reformed this year? My arse! More like in the middle of being reformed - dusty with paint and paintbrushes all over the bloody building more like - oh! But I'm positive! Yes I am! Thank God we have somewhere to sleep) and ran down to the beach (through our private access!) for a midnight (more like a 4am) swim! Anita freaked, said she saw a dead dog, I got paranoid, so out we hopped, back up to the apartment, made beds and fell into a FIB frenzy filled deep sleep.

We have woken, mid-afternoon and have had to run to Mercadona, stock up on the oh-so-forbidden, carbs, pasta, pringles, papas, prawns... run down to the beach, got as burnt as hell (Lolita, not Anita, she smothered herself in f40 and now has a beautiful brown glow to her), ran to the pool , swam, ran to the apartment, showered etc and now, PHEW! , we are sitting in the air conned press tent, writing to you all. We do look quite fabby, (apart from my crab type colouring), with big hair, lots of bangles and jangles, skinny jeans and shorts, and the vibe here is just 100% FIB!

We got here just in time to catch Aldo Linares, far from a normal dj he played an amazing set - being the 1st person to play at FIB this year he really did start it off well. Off we popped after Aldo, for a quick bocadillo down the road at the go-karts, for old times sakes. Running (oh yes we've done a lot of running today), back to catch The Sunday Drivers, a Spanish indie - rock - emo - pop band from Toledo who really did themselves justice. Spanish boys singing in English! We love the whole Spanglish scene. Then we boogied to the tune of Howe Gelb - looking lovely in a very gangsta hat - and his gospel choir, Sno Angel, who made us smile. A lot. Off we popped for a walk (yes, we walked, not ran) around the festival site, to have a look a the FIBshop before everything ran out, pick up a few sweatshirts for the boys in our lives (just friends this year, no love interests) and a quick crepe to get back in time for Scissor Sisters. Our All Time Favourites. We girlies would have been happy just watching them for the full 4 days. AN AMAZING CONCERT! And it was as expected. Guitarist Del Marquis was first on stage, in a fascinating black and white striped torero- inspired jumpsuit complete with braces over a white shirt and scarlet tie, soon to be followed by Babydaddy in his traditional checked shirt and full beard. Jake Shears and Ana Matronic ran on together in matching outfits in sparkling gold. They opened with Take Your Mama Out, a perfect crowd pleaser, and sooner than not Lolita and me were dancing like mad things. Tits On The Radio was song number two, and lots of touchy feely rubbing of chests ensued by Shears and Matronic. The set was jam-packed with hits from their first, self-titled album: Mary, Laura, and Music Is The Victim, and they declared a love of Cataluña (Think they got a tad confused there!) proclaiming their first FIB concert two years ago (Anita was there!) to be their Best Ever and Benicassim to be their fave festie of them all. "Backstage has a pool" drawled Ana Matronic. "I love any festival that gets me wet". Cue wolfwhistles galore! I Don't Feel Like Dancing, their new single, was an instant hit. In fact, we spied a "TEMAZO" banner floating above the crowds on more than one occasion during the set! After an encore, and Ana Matronic reminding the crowds of Jake Shears exhibitionism last time they hit Benicassim (on the Motorola stage) - "Give the people what they want!" (He didn't though) - the band closed with Filthy/Gorgeous, which Lolita and I agreed is one of our top ten get-the-party-started tunes of all time, yelling, "We are your Scissor Sisters!", whilst making some very suggestive moves with the mic around Shears' crotch area.We felt fully entertained and danced our flip flops off, singing at the top of our lungs, leaving me a little voice-less (which is extremely unusual for me) and wanting to climb on stage with them and do the can-can.

We left FibStart near the end of a fab set from London's Trash Club's Erol Alkan. It seems most of the Press have gone home to rest up for the weekend, so we had the whole of the Press seating area to share with two v. silly but hilarious English boy-journalists and two French girlies. As we shook our booties to hardcore electro mixed with rock and rap it was the perfect end to a great night.

We've hailed down some sexy press boys to drop us down at Princicassim, for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow we have The Futureheads, Pixies, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Strokes (yes!!! you read right!!) Tiga, The Ordinary Boys (our boys!) and many many many more.

Sweet FIBdreams our little darlings.. What a fantastic way to start FIB....



Scissor Sisters
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