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Thank FIB its friday

It's early Saturday morning (think alog the lines of 5am...) and we should probably be in bed dreaming about the strange things we usually dream about, but we won't be having you lot without an update of the 1st official night of FIB. Well, well, what with such a fab fibby line-up for today, got here early - early to catch enough of Babyshambles to see Pete Doherty bring on The Pogues' Shane McGowan to sing The Pogues' Dirty Old Town. Which was a surprise for everybody. Pete Doherty, who, it must be said, was on great form tonight, despite the absence of Patrick Walden gave the audience a bit of his traditional rebel behaviour when the dear old boy wrapped himself in a Union Jack that had 'Fuck Forever', the title of Babyshambles' first single, printed across it. Interesting.... We stuck around for a bit of The Walkmen, who have shot to fame thanks to an appearance on series two of The O.C., but we had to run (yes! more running!) over to the Vodafone FIB club for our guys, The Ordinary Boys. Preston did all the talking - apologising first for their attire, and then retracting the apology almost immediately- they just couldn't do the whole skinny-trousers-leather-jacket-and-trilby thing in this heat and it just had to be shorts and a polo, and then got completely distracted and mentioned that he was rather put off at the sight of lots of guys taking a slash at the urinals, just to the right of the tent and through the opening, although did say sorry to the poor bloke who everyone turned to stare at mid-flow. And the set began. After a lot of please-don't-look-at-us-girlies glances from Preston and James, and even more Oh My God! Haven't they grown up! screams from us both, we were soaked from head to toe from the water fans that stood blasting "fresh" air into the tent, screaming along to Boys Will Be Boys! "You love The Ramones, don't you?" Preston asked the Spanish crowd, somewhat perplexed, but went on to play a rather cool version of The KKK Took My Baby Away. It was a great performance all round, and as they left the stage the ever-caring Preston shouted, have a great time and drink lots of water! Bless those Brighton Boys.

Off we ran again (thank goodness we are into flat pumps and Havaianas - this behaviour would guarantee us a sprained ankle back in The City on our usual sky-high heels) over to the Green Stage to catch the beginning of Pixies, squeezed through thousands of Spanish fans, far too busy to actually see anything down below, so we popped ourselves up into the Press stalls to keep away from the heaving sweaty crowds and bopped away to a very good set of old clsassics from the (slightly old now) Pixies. It was all drama, drama, drama when things got a bit hairy down the front and anxious festie-goers began to push forward. And push. And push, until a little FIB representative came on stage, the Pixies filed off, and everyone was asked in more than a few languages to please stay still while they fixed the barrier, which took about 20 mins, and huge cheers went up when the band came back on to finish their set. In true FIB fashion, no-one was hurt, and it was all harmless fun. We did find the sign saying (and we quote) "Please, stay" from then on forward, quite hilarious, as we are quite sure it meant, stay where you are, but it's all part of the fun,hey?! After Pixies we then caught a little of Alexander Kowalski, as after ordering his debut album Changes off amazon a few months ago cause we thought his name was interesting, he has now become a favourite on my ipod. Fab little dj he is too. We then saw the end of the always brill Echo and the Bunnymen, who weren't very impressive at all, and we could barely see the stage due to all the smoke billowing out of machines. Knackered at this point Anita went off some Red Bull and we threw ourselves on the sofas in the press tent in the hope we would gain some dancing power for The Strokes. Apart from Julian Casanovas seeming a little moody at times, a little smile wouldn't have hurt!, it was an amazing performance. We reckon 90% of the population of FIB crammed in front of the Green Stage to see it and 75% knew the words to every single song, especially one really annoying short ginger girl in front of us who trod on our toes ooh, at least a trillion times, and poured her drink all over Lolita. And didn't even say sorry! As we squinted at what we could see of the side of the stage, trying to decide if Kate Moss/Drew Barrymore were here or not, The Strokes closed their set with Last Night and Reptilia. Perfect Festival Behaviour - we'll have none of these new and obscure tracks to round off a concert from anyone, especially not at Feel-Good-Festie FIB, so top marks there.

We are off now - Lolita's managed to bag a lift with some lovely press boys, so no walking back for us tonight!

Hasta mañana fellow fibers
We ADORE you!

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