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item9 It's August it's time for la Filmoteca d'estui ...
That's Valenciano for Summer Film(oteca), It takes place in the Jardins de la Palau de la Musica with an interesting selection of movies in version original. It runs until the end of this month and still to come are Woody Allen's 'EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU' Wes Anderson's 'MOONRISE KINGDOM' Steve McQueen's Oscar winning 'TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE' and the Spanish films 'VIVIR ES FÁCIL CON LOS OJOS CERRADOS' and 'AMANECE, QUE NO ES POCO'
Entry is a bargain 3.50€ and you can by 10 entries for just 25€
There's a bar which serves sandwiches, ice creams and drinks at reasonable prices too.

Official La TomatinaTour! Book Now - time is running out!

tomato• It's our ninth year! We give you the best day out on 27 August 2014, and we guarantee no queuing on the day.
Join us for a great day out. We offer a full day's fun which includes entry to the world's biggest food fight, goggles, teeshirt, showers and a swim, lunch in the country - BOOK NOW, Seats are selling out fast! FULL DETAILS HERE

keepcalmandthrowtomatoes2• See what you can expect! Photos of last year's tour are here!
We had rain, the first time for La Tomatina, but it didn't dampen our spirits or diminish the fun - take a look

Basil Throwing!..

item7• And we're not talking Basil Fawlty! Everyone knows La Tomatina - if you don't, click on the link to our tour, left! - But this little festival is almost as curious. Guinness Book of Records sized Basil Plants are paraded throught the streets accompanied by traditionally costumed women and by men in Flowery shirts. The parade stops at houses along the way to pick up more costumed ladies.

It's very hot, so the waiting crowds are pelted with water from balconies above. The as the parade begins more men in flowery shirts pelt you with confetti till the streets are ankle deep in the stuff - great fun! 15 August, get to Bétera (line two of the metro) for around 11:00am to catch the fun.

It is said there are alway Italian spies in the crowds trying to find out the secret of growing these 2metre high Basil Plants. What makes it more curious is that Basil is not a herb that is used much in Spanish or Valencian Cuisine!

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We'll bring you the line-ups as we get them

International festival of Benicassim -17-20 JULY



Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival...

item5• The line-up in this 21st year for Spain's best Reggae music fest is better than ever
Now in its 21st year the lineup features more than 250 performances of international renown on its six stages for eight intense days. Stars that cross all stylistic barriers, including Lauryn Hill, performing exclusively in Spain; Sean Paul, also his first time at the festival; Jimmy Cliff, a legend that never fails to impress; or Femi Kuti, prodigal son of the king of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti. These big names will combine with the greatest exponents of the effervescent emerging new roots reggae scene in Jamaica such as Chronixx, Jah9 or Jesse Royal.
16 August - 23 August - Benicassim
15 August free welcome party
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Pueblos in Fiestas...

item6Now through to the middle of September
If you're in Valencia over the next 4-5weeks, check the local dailies for Pueblos en Fiesta.
There are fiestas all over the area, all have something to offer the visitor,Concerts, Fireworks, Markets, medieaval Markets, food tastings, bull runs and old fashioned fairgrounds - fun for all the family! Here's a link to Levante newspaper - it's in Spanish, but you could google translate .

Festival Sagunt a Escena...

Screenshot20140620at124642Sagunto's annual Festival of music, dance and theatre...
takes place in the beautiful, though contreversial, Roman Amphitheatre, with 'OFF ROMA' - free street performance in the narrow streets leading up to the castle. Last couple of weeks.